Work As Executed (WAE) Inspections

Once the construction has been completed to the design and specification of a consulting engineers for any development, there is a process that must be satisfied which is called Work As Executed (WAE). As such, this ensures that the completed works conform to the approved engineering drawings. This process involves Work As Executed Inspections and Certification.

They ensure that the construction project has been completed successfully and meets the required standards. It helps to prevent safety hazards, reduce liability issues, and ensure that the construction project provides a safe environment for its occupants.

work as executed inspections

What are our services?

During the work as executed inspection, the inspector will:

  • Visit the construction site
  • Review the design documents
  • Compare them with the actual construction work done.
  • inspect the quality of work, and ensure that the building, structure or facility complies with local building codes and safety standards.

Once satisfied, the Chartered Civil Engineer then stamps counter signs the drawings and issues the appropriate certification. If any changes are required for compliance, the changes are carried out prior to the issue of the certification.

What to consider for WAE certification

There are many things to consider when issuing a Work as Executed Certificate including but not limited to the following:

  • Final drawings must be issued to the council for review.
  • The final drawings must be marked up to show all variations from design including changes to levels, alignments, and material types by a certified surveyor.
  • Engineer must review the marked-up drawings for compliance prior to the issue of certification as well as the stamped drawings countersigned by the engineer.

Why choose Neilly Davies?

Neilly Davies Consulting Engineers have performed several WAE inspections to certify that the construction is in accordance with the design drawings issued for construction provided by the consulting engineer. The structural and civil team at Neilly Davies examine all constructed aspects closely to ensure that the provided design is adequate for the requirement of the proposed development and will function accordingly.

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