Critical Stage Inspections

Critical stage certification inspections are mandatory inspections that take place during construction or remodelling projects to ensure compliance with building codes and safety standards. These inspections are typically required at pivotal points during the construction process, such as when the foundation is laid, framing is completed, or electrical and plumbing work is installed.

The purpose of critical stage certification inspections is to ensure that the construction work is consistent with designed drawings at critical stages during construction process. Critical stages include:

  • After excavation for, and prior to the placement of, any reinforcement for footings
  • Prior to pouring any in-situ reinforced concrete structural element with the placement of the appropriate steel reinforcement.
  • Prior to covering of the framework for any floor, roof, wall, or other structural element
  • Prior to covering any stormwater drainage connections
  • After building work has been completed and prior to any occupation certificate being issued.

What is considered ‘critical’ stage also varies for different building classes. Check your development consent for the list of all critical stage inspections that are required to be performed.

critical stage inspection

What you can expect

Following a critical stage inspection, if a structural engineer has found what has been built at site is consistent with design drawings, a critical stage certificate is issued confirming that the builder has complied with the drawings at the date of inspection, this certificate is typically issued in pdf format.

Additionally, ensure that you inform your primary contractor about the critical stage inspections. If inconsistencies are found at these inspections by the structural engineer, written instructions are issued on site to the builder for appropriate rectification, prior to issuance of any critical stage certification.

Why choose Neilly Davies?

Critical stages at every construction need thorough inspections to ensure that the construction is carried out according to the intended design. When it comes to this important function, you need consulting engineers you can trust. Neilly Davies consulting engineers have been performing critical stage inspections and certification for over 35 years and are more than capable to meet your requirements. 

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