Structural Inspections

Structural inspections refer to the examination of the structural integrity of a building or structure. These inspections ensure that the building is safe, secure, and adheres to the building code requirements. Structural inspections are conducted by our qualified structural engineers who have the expertise to identify hidden flaws in a building’s construction or design.

Structural inspections are an essential component of maintaining the safety and integrity of buildings and structures. It is recommended that these inspections be conducted regularly, especially for older buildings or those subjected to extreme conditions like flooding or earthquakes.

structural inspection

What are our services?

The inspection process typically involves:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of the building’s foundation, walls, roof, and other structural elements.
  • Investigation for signs of damage, such as cracks or water damage, which could compromise the building’s safety
  • Check for compliance with local building codes and regulations, such as adequate clearance between electrical wires and tree branches.

After the inspection is complete, a report is provided consisting of descriptions of the conditions observed during the inspection and identifying structural defects such as cracking, efflorescence, corrosion, deflections, or soil settlement and providing recommendations on remediation methods if required.

Why choose Neilly Davies?

Neilly Davies Consulting Engineers has extensive experience in structural inspections, and are capable of meeting your expectations. Our qualified engineers are well versed in Australian standards and Building Codes of Australia, and will ensure that you get the correct advice. In addition, Neilly Davies is able to provide a structural report within 1 week of inspection depending on the complexity.

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