Structural Adequacy Inspections

Structural adequacy is the ability for an existing building or structure to withstand the additional superimposed loads that are exerted by a proposed development. A structural adequacy inspection and certificate is required by all local Councils during a proposed Development Application (DA).

A structural adequacy certificate is issued by a certified Chartered Structural Engineer to structurally assess and confirm that the alterations to an existing building or development of a new proposed development does not compromise the structural adequacy of existing buildings. 

What is an important thing to consider for Structural Adequacy Certificate?

There are many things to consider when conducting a structural adequacy inspection including but not limited to the following:

  • A structural certificate will not be issued if a structural component is structurally inadequate.
  • For a certificate to be issued, structural drawings are required.
  • Occasionally, the material specification is also required to issue structural adequacy.

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Neilly Davies consulting engineers has extensive experience in carrying out dilapidation surveys for private developers, owners of residential developments, local authorities as well as infrastructure authorities such as Transport for NSW and are more than capable of meeting your requirements. When it comes to inspection and reporting whether it is Structural, Civil or Dilapidation Surveys, you need consulting engineers that you can trust. We guarantee that your needs will be taken care of at every stage consultation within the community, liaison with the authorities and project managers. 

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