Subdivision Design

Subdivision is the process of dividing a large piece of land into smaller segments. This is carried out after an initial engineering survey is prepared of the entire land parcel that has been set aside for development. The subdivision design is then marked out based on the intensions of the developer, following council guidelines on the usage of the allocated land. This will be to optimize the benefit to the developer and the community while satisfying the appropriate access requirements. The smaller sections are then sold separately, often as part of development project with home packages.

Subdivision design involves creating sketch plans for a basic lot layout and provisions for public infrastructure and services. The overall subdivision design comprises the initial survey, dividing of land parcels, provision of access roads, design of access road drainage, and design of services. The design of the individual dwellings commences as the individual land parcels are sold. The required public amenities are also considered in the subdivision design such as schools, shopping precincts, bus stops etc.

Subdivision is an effective way of increasing a properties’ value. If a land area has the capability of being subdivided for development purposes, more occupants can reside within the subdivided land provided that this larger piece of land is within the appropriate development zone.

subdivision design

What to consider for Subdivision Design

There are many things to consider when subdividing a land including but not limited to the following:

  • Topography and vegetation
  • Surrounding road infrastructure
  • Overland flow and drainage infrastructure such as canals, culverts and bridges
  • Stormwater drainage network
  • Water quality
  • Erosion control and landscape
  • Coastal protection, protection of levies and banks
  • Services available such as electricity, gas and water for the subdivision
  • Potential for renewable energy

Consideration of these factors will ensure that the land is utilised to its fullest potential.

Why Neilly Davies?

Neilly Davies Consulting engineers have over 30 years’ experience in residential, industrial, and commercial subdivision design. We provide the necessary road design of the access road systems, along with the cut-and-fill requirements for the earth works. As part of our subdivision design solution, we provide the necessary drainage design, sewer design and services design and the associated facilities.

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