Driveway Design

Driveway design involves creating a functional and safe surface that provides access to vehicles from the street to a building or property. The design of a driveway must take into consideration the topography and drainage requirements of the land. Furthermore, appropriate turning envelopes are developed for certain properties where there are restrictions in manoeuvring or requirement for special vehicles to be used for access.

In addition, for properties that do not have an existing driveway, a proposed civil concept design features laybacks and crossover to main council road to enable vehicular access. Occasionally, a hydraulic concept design will be required for driveways which lack a water run-off system. 

driveway design

What to Consider for Driveway Design

Several key design considerations for driveways are:

  1. Slope: The slope of the driveway is crucial in preventing water from pooling on the surface. 
  2. Width: The width of a driveway should be adequate to allow for the safe passage of vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.
  3. Materials: The selection of materials for a driveway depends on factors such as the expected traffic, the climate, and the budget. Common materials used for driveways include concrete, asphalt, pavers, and gravel.
  4. Drainage: Proper drainage is essential to ensure the longevity of the driveway surface. A well-designed driveway should have adequate drainage that directs water away from the surface and toward appropriate drainage systems.
  5. Curbs: Curbs are often used on driveways to separate the driveway from the street and to prevent vehicles from driving onto the surrounding landscape. The type of curb used depends on the site conditions, traffic, and design preferences.

Why choose Neilly Davies?

Neilly Davies Consulting Engineers have extensive experience in driveway design and are more than capable to meet your specific requirements. From complicated locations where no entry is possible due to the fall of the land to elevated driveway designs with turning circles, to carports on suspended reinforced concrete slabs on pier footings, you can rely on Neilly Davies for innovative design solutions that are buildable and cost effective.

As part of our driveway design, we provide:

  • Concrete jointing details such as expansion and saw cut joints to minimise cracking of the driveway slab.
  • Associated drainage such as grated drains, pits, and road works.
  • Inspection of the construction work at critical stages for construction certification.

We also inspect existing driveways with unusual cracking and scraping issues and provide engineering advice with design and specification to rectify these problems.

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