Pipeline Investigation

A pipeline investigation involves visually assessing the structural integrity of a pipeline. Generally, structural defects such as corrosion and cracks are observed and a report is provided to detail if the pipeline will require replacement or maintenance. By performing pipeline investigations, the risk of pipelines becomes hazardous to occupants located near the pipeline can be minimised.

It is required to ensure that the structural integrity of a pipeline is adequate. If a pipeline is structurally inadequate as a result of corrosions, anomalies and cracks, it can lead to pipeline punctures, fractures and buckling of the pipeline. While, if the pipeline contains gas, it can become dangerous to all users located near the pipeline. 

pipeline investigation

What is an important thing to consider for pipeline investigations?

There are many things to consider when investigating a pipeline including but not limited to the following:

  • A pipe locating company will be used when conducting these investigations
  • A camera is inserted through the pipe entrance to identify structural defects of concern.
  • Structural defects such as cracking, settlement, corrosion, water ponding are all factors that need to be monitored when inspecting a pipeline.

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