Bridge Inspections

Bridge inspections are an essential process conducted periodically to assess the condition of a bridge and ensure that it is safe to use. Our inspection team, comprised of qualified structural engineers, examines every aspect of a bridge, including its physical structure, foundation, and surrounding areas.

The purpose of bridge inspections is to:

  • Identify any deformities, damages, or weaknesses that may compromise the bridge’s capacity to function safely and efficiently.
  • Determine whether the bridge requires repair, maintenance, replacement, or whether it is still safe for public use. 

The results of bridge inspections also play a crucial role in identifying the need for weight or speed restrictions, detours, or even closure.

These inspections are completed in compliance with the RMS Bridge Inspection Manual, with appropriate condition ratings being applied to each bridge element inspected. These inspections are performed by a qualified structural engineer with experience in bridge engineering.

It should be noted that these inspections can be completed at various level, with the reporting requirements being different in scale and content for each one. A summary of each level can be found below.

Why choose Neilly Davies?

Neilly Davies Consulting Engineers has extensive experience in bridge inspections and are more than capable of meeting expectations. In each bridge inspection, we ensure that it complies with the RMS bridge inspection manual to ensure safety of its users and the surrounding environment.

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