Flood Study

A Flood Study involves the analysis of local flood risks and the development of strategies to mitigate potential damage. These studies are conducted by licensed cadastral surveyors and hydraulic engineers, who analyse the topography of the land together with the volume of the catchment area to determine the possible flood risk and behaviour of flood water over a large area of land.

Flood Studies are often performed in newly developed areas, where the natural land formation has changed dramatically due to environmental or human factors. These studies are also performed when multiple flood events have occurred over a brief period of time to investigate the cause and how to resolve and minimise the chance of future floods occurring.

All Councils are required by the NSW State Government to undertake studies to determine what land has the potential to be affected by flooding. This ensures that new developments are adequately protected and do not make flooding worse.

flood study

How it works?

  1. Collection of existing topographical data, historical flood maps, and data associated with river or stream water levels.
  2. Data collected is used to build a computer model of the area under study.
  3. Model to simulate how several types of floods may develop and evolve over time by considering land use patterns, changes in weather conditions, soil types and other relevant factors.

During this process, the widely accepted risk and impact assessment framework is used to understand how hazards may lead to disasters and to identify different priority areas.

What to consider for flood studies

An important aspect to consider for a development or property is the potential of flood causing damage to them. There needs to be a flood impact and risk assessment plan to ensure your property is well protected from floods. In this plan, we will consider the following but not limited to:

  • Climate and Local Rainfall Characteristics
  • Topography and Elevation
  • Catchment Area, Land Use and Built Features
  • Site Specific and Local Flooding Issues
  • Existing and Proposed Stormwater Drainage Systems

The analysis of these considerations will help identify risks early in the development for you to make informed decisions.  

Why choose Neilly Davies?

A flood assessment is required if flooding is likely to cause a significant impact to your site. When it comes to this important function, you need consulting engineers you can trust. Neilly Davies consulting engineers will analyse catchment models, hydrologic studies, flood characteristics to provide you with expert advice and procedures before and during floods.  

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