Project Verification

Project verification is the process of ensuring that a project has been completed as per the specifications and requirements that were agreed upon at the beginning of the project. Verification ensures that the project is meeting its objectives and goals and is aligned with the business or organisation’s vision.

Developers are required to collaborate with TfNSW when constructing a new TfNSW road, upgrading an existing one, or when private developments have the potential to affect TfNSW assets. This collaboration is facilitated through a Works Authorisation Deed (WAD), which outlines the project requirements, describes the relevant works related to TfNSW, and establishes contractual obligations for the project.

Subsequently, an Independent Project Verifier (PV) is appointed to ensure compliance with the requirements outlined in the WAD. While engaged by the developer, the PV represents the interests of TfNSW. As a result, the PV verifies that the design and construction are completed to standard and are in accordance with the project documents.

The activity of the PV includes liaison with the authority representative such as the Project Manager, review of project documentation, appointing a Surveillance Officer, carrying out site inspections, and approving appropriate documentation on site such as test certificates, site safety, and traffic arrangements. The following is a list of documents that are verified by the PV:

  • Project Plan
  • Verification check list
  • Monthly reports
  • Audit Schedule
  • Verification & Monitoring Report
  • List of Hold & Witness Points
  • Material Test Certificates
project verifier

What to consider when choosing a Project Verifier

Choosing the right project verifier is a crucial decision that can impact the success of a project. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a project verifier:

  • Expertise: The verifier should have the necessary technical expertise and experience with design of TfNSW roads. They should also be able to understand the Works Authorisation Deed.
  • Independence: The verifier should be independent of the project team and have no conflicts of interest. This ensures that the verifier can provide an objective assessment of the project.
  • Reputation: Look for a verifier with a good record of accomplishment in project verification.
  • Qualification:┬áThe verifier should be part of the Technical Services Registration Scheme.

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Neilly Davies Consulting Engineers have extensive experience in Project Verification and project surveillance work and are more than capable to meet your requirements in assisting with the delivery of construction projects. In each of our Project Verification projects, we keep up to date with the latest regulations and standards. Our engineers and Surveillance Officers have developed appropriate methodologies to ensure that your development comply with standards as well as authority guidelines as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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