Engineering Design - Lane Cove PS New Multi-Purpose Hall and Canteen

SARM Architects was awarded a tender from NSW Department of Education – School Infrastructure as the head design consultant for the design and documentation of development located at Lane Cove Public School. The purpose of the project is to rebuild the School Hall and Canteen that were damaged by fire and subsequently demolished. This project also aims to provide improved playground facilities and an external COLA. Neilly Davies was engaged to provide detailed structural, stormwater, and civil design and documentation. This involved structural analysis considering the loading and deformation of beams and trusses to ensure that the structural design was adequate for use. The new School Hall and Canteen were to comply with the requirements of the Educational Facilities Standards and Guidelines (EFSG).

Lane Cove PS New Multi-Purpose Hall and Canteen

The structural, stormwater and civil designs were completed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and Council requirements. Neilly Davies was also required to review and coordinate with drawings provided by other subconsultants. This included Landscape and Electrical, Hydraulic, and Mechanical Services drawings.

Throughout the project, various amendments, modifications, and additions were required by the client. This often came at the request of SINSW or the builders on site. Effective communication from Neilly Davies, the client, and relevant parties ensured that these amendments were produced to a high standard. To ensure that work was done according to the provided drawings, Neilly Davies performed various critical stage inspections to ensure that work was conducted correctly

The client was pleased by the services provided by Neilly Davies. Effective communication between Neilly Davies, SARM Architects, SINSW, Lane Cove Council, and other subcontractors has ensured that all DA requirements were met, and the project was completed to a high standard. The construction of a brand-new multipurpose hall and canteen was able proceed as planned through our consultation services that has been provided right through the project. This project is still ongoing and is expected to be completed by mid 2023.

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