Structural Assessment - Georges River Footbridge

Neilly Davies were engaged to carry out an inspection and assessment at George’s River Pedestrian Bridge. The purpose of this inspection was to determine the structural integrity and the service condition of the existing bridge to check the feasibility of adding additional loads due to maintenance work proposed by Liverpool City Council.

The assessment involved a structural analysis of the bridge to check whether the existing bridge can withstand additional loading that will be applied during maintenance of the building in terms of stripping and painting of the existing bridge and use of appropriate scaffolding and hoarding for this purpose.

Overall, the client was happy with the completed project. Effective communication between Neilly Davies, Blacktown City Council, subcontractors and other relevant parties ensured that all DA conditions were met, and the project completed to a high standard. Construction of the apartment is currently being undertaken, and communication between the client and Neilly Davies continues to ensure construction is as per the provided drawings.

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