Structural Design and Assessment - FTI Deck

Our Client FTI Group engaged Neilly Davies to carry out structural assessment of their new BlueDeck metal decking formwork system. The main purpose of this investigation was to determine the structural integrity of the deck. The design of the FTI Deck is to comply with new design rules developed for the design of structural formwork for the construction of composite and non-composite concrete slabs. The structural assessment involved carrying out load assessments and ensuring that the deck was able to handle plant, equipment, and concrete loads before implementation. The scope involved preparing design tables for marketing purposes.

FTI BlueDeck

The FTI BlueDeck is a rigid permanent metal decking formwork for simplifying the construction of suspended concrete slabs. It is roll-formed from hot dipped, galvanised, high tensile steel. The steel conforms to AS 4600/1397, grade G550 with Z350. The concept of the FTI Deck is a simple clip together system for quick and easy installation to form a safe working platform during construction. The FTI Deck provides a cover width of 332 mm, which allows quick installation (3 pieces per meter). The profile of the FTI Deck is shown in Figure 1, and the section properties and material specifications are outlined in Tables A and B below.

Overall, the technical report provided by Neilly Davies to the client outlined the structural adequacy of the FTI BlueDeck. This allowed for the certification and use of the FTI Deck and the design tables for various construction projects throughout the country. The FTI Deck has proven to be a highly efficient, versatile, economical, and robust formwork, reinforcement, and ceiling system for concrete slabs. Notable uses of the FTI include the construction of Bunnings at Pymble, and the construction of houses at Bruce, ACT.

Experience gained from this project provided Neilly Davies with exposure to the structural assessments of different construction formwork systems for other clients.

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