Residential Projects

Neilly Davies has actively aimed to improve the lives of those living in Australia, where our professional engineers acknowledge the importance of home and how it is designed and how safe it is. Our services pertaining to inspection, design and reporting allow for this type of home to be created, fostering warmth, comfort, and safety. Our Residential Projects are often divided into two categories, design and reports, where we ensure that after inspections that we provide the best recommendations we can suggest and designs that are practical and cater to your needs.


When it comes to residential projects it is important to understand the process involved in getting your development from a concept to reality. At Neilly Davies, we aim to help you understand what services you will be receiving, allowing ease for you and other consultants you may need. As such, we like to work with you to achieve your desired outcome. When designing for residential projects our services include:

  • Site inspection of the proposed area.
  • drafting appropriate designs based on the information received from you.
  • a draft copy of the drawings being issued, for your review and approval.
  • Design work by professional engineers

A key component of our designing process is our detail and efficient nature. We have engineers that work around the clock to complete designs well and produce the required results in the timeframe provided. Below there are some examples of our design work.


The process of creating a comprehensive technical report remains consistent regardless of the specific scope required, where one of Neilly Davies qualified engineers will follow a systematic approach to generate a detailed report.

Depending on the nature of the report, the initial step involves the lead engineer inspecting the property or site to gather pertinent information. This includes conducting visual assessments, capturing photographic evidence, and reviewing any supplied documentation in alignment with the existing site conditions.

Once equipped with the necessary information, the engineer proceeds to draft a customised report tailored to the specific requirements of the client. Our experienced team can provide the desired report once we receive the relevant documentation from you. It is worth noting that reports are often required for governmental purposes or compliance with regulatory bodies.

Why choose Neilly Davies?

  • We approach projects with a client centric focus, designing economically constructible designs within short delivery timelines.
  • We can issue engineering drawings & certifications compliant with development application conditions stipulated by council.

Notable Projects

Residential Project at Waratah West

Neilly Davies was engaged as a subconsultant to provide detailed structural, stormwater and civil design and documentation including the building services such as electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and fire services for the proposed development located at Waratah West. The purpose of these developments was to provide affordable social housing apartments whilst complying with the City of Newcastle Council conditions.

Residential at Sutherland

MODCO Constructions embarked on constructing an apartment block for residential purposes. As a result, Neilly Davies was engaged to provide detailed structural and stormwater design and documentation. In addition, a traffic report analysing the parking area, as well as the shoring design was required to issue out a Construction Certificate - another service we provide.

Residential at Miranda

Neilly Davies carried out a Flood Study / Reporting / Recommendations for the dual occupancy development in Miranda NSW. The client informed Neilly Davies that their site is within the flood prone zone which causes difficulties in development. Accordingly, a hydraulic analysis had been undertaken to determine the flood level and flood afflux for the site. This analysis is used to assess the development implications on the proposed development and surroundings.

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